My Top Mood-Boosting Supplements

My Top Mood-Boosting Supplements

If you suffer from mood swings & instability due to anxiety, stress, depression, mood disorders/mental illness, hormones or nutrient deficiencies, let’s be real… it sucks!

These are some natural supplements that make life a little easier in those moments:

Magnesium: raises levels of mood-boosting serotonin, normalizes stress hormones, calms the mind & allows for calcium to be excreted from cells as needed to respond to stressors.

Ashwagandha: soothes the hypothalamus, which improves mood & brings the body & adrenals into a state of homeostasis so that it’s better able to cope & respond to stress

CBD oil: calms the mind, brings the body back to a state of balance by interacting with receptors in our endo-cannabinoid system, which regulates appetite, sleep, pain & mood.

B12 & B-complex: necessary for energy, vitality & to produce neurotransmitters that carry signals to the body & affect mood & appetite & regulate stress-related hormones like cortisol

Maca: very useful if mood swings are due to hormones, flavonoids help reduce anxiety & stress & boost adrenal & thyroid health (both linked to mood disorders).

Probiotics: our gut is our 2nd brain; produce neurotransmitters secreted within the gut, which send signals to the brain & affect mood, fight inflammation (1 of the main causes of mood disorders) & boost adrenal health

Vitamin D3/K2: especially in the winter when Seasonal Affective Disorder is common; plays a vital role in serotonin balance in the brain

Electrolyte drops: potassium & magnesium depletion can negatively affect mood & worsen symptoms of anxiety/depression.

Always remember you can get most of these things FIRST & FOREMOST FROM REAL FOOD!!!!

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