First Impression Review: Nanette De Gaspé Black Essence Tonic

First Impression Review: Nanette De Gaspé Black Essence Tonic

I love a toner that does everything it’s supposed to: removes any excess makeup or residue without drying out my skin, feels refreshing & soothing & preps my skin for my serums. BUT, what I love even more is a toner that also treats my skin & this one does just that!

It’s made with a powerhouse of ingredients that together fight aging & environmental stressors, restore pH, chemically exfoliate with natural fruit acids, reduce hyper-pigmentation & dark spots, hydrate & nourish the skin, brighten complexion & promote skin cell turnover!

The stars of the show:

AHA, BHA & PHA COMPLEX: strips away dead skin cells, reduced dark spots & refines & unclogs pores, revealing smoother, softer more radiant skin

SILVER MUSHROOM & BEET EXTRACT: full of antioxidants, plumps & smooths the skin, reduces fine lines & wrinkles

NIACINAMIDE (B3): hydrates skin, replenishes & strengthens the moisture barrier, improves absorption of serums & active ingredients & keeps skin moisturizer long-term

It also contains black tea ferment, black raspberry seed oil, black currant, black cumin, oat for antibacterial & anti-inflammatory benefits, eucalyptus to soothe the skin & hydrolyzed pearl!

I absolutely love how it’s been making my skin feel, so much that I’ve been using it morning & night! It’s soothing, calming, refreshing, effective, brightening & non-irritating!

So far, I give it a 5/5! I’ll keep you babes updated after 30 days of use!

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