My Fave Core Exercises & Some Tips For Training

My Fave Core Exercises & Some Tips For Training

Something I get asked about a lot are my fave core exercises, so I figured I’d share some!

But, first, it’s important to know that you can’t directly spot target belly fat & get rid or reduce it.

Fat loss is a total body process that has a lot to do with nutrition & being in a caloric deficit, which inevitably forces the body to reduce total fat stores.

As such, fat loss occurs everywhere; some regions might tone/lean out quicker for different reasons (ex: genetics, type of workout etc.). For women, the fat in our ab area is often the most stubborn & hardest to shrink due to physiology.

• Russian twists (lift legs off the floor for more of a burn)
• Plank twists
• Rainbows (they also work the booty 🍑)
• Ball passes
• Stability ball lift & lower sit-ups
• Plank dumbbell passes
• Push-up positions alternating rows
• Standing weighted side crunches
• Stability ball plank hold
• Plank leg lifts
• Ball crunches
• Leg raises
• 6-inches hold with alternating flutter kicks
• Plank jacks
• Dead-bugs
• Bird dog
• Weighted toe touches
• Reverse crunches
• Up-down plank
• Plank shoulder taps
• Plank knee to elbow (for more of a challenge, don’t let the working leg touch the floor)

I could go on & on because my core is actually one of my fave (but also, the most challenging) parts to train, but these are the ones that come to mind!

Always remember to BREATHE! We have a tendency to hold our breath when exercising, but breathing is what gives our body the oxygen it needs to continue working & is actually the best way to increase stamina, endurance & make the most out of a core workout!

Last but not least, always keep your core engaged. The best way to do that is to imagine lowering your belly button towards the floor. Keep the movement slow & controlled! You should feel your abs tighten & it should BURN (but not feel painful).

Increasing lever length is a great way to push yourself harder (ex: lift feet off the floor, position knees farther away from the body, etc.).

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