Healthy Snacking Tips 101

Healthy Snacking Tips 101


  1. drink enough during the day; we often mistaken dehydration for hunger!
  2. before you snack, ask yourself if you’re genuinely hungry or just bored or using food compulsively or to numb or escape something grander in your life. If so, work on finding alternate coping mechanisms!
  3. meal prep healthy snacks on the weekend & keep them in the fridge/freezer so you always have healthy options on hand!
  4. snack during the day vs. 3 huge meals so you never reach a point of being starving & eating everything in sight!
  5. buy healthy bars & keep them in your car, fridge or purse so you have healthy options on the go and you don’t choose drive thru options
    .portion out nuts or dried fruit in ziplocs & keep them with you!
  6. if you binge on certain foods, try not to buy them altogether so that you reduce the temptation!
  7. try to cut refined sugar & simple carbs slowly & progressively: they cause spikes in blood sugar, mess with hunger hormones & impulse control & only make you hungrier & crave more of it!
  8. find healthier ways to enjoy your fave foods so you don’t feel deprived!
  9. always have cut/roasted veggies in the fridge & dip them in something high in protein like hummus or tahini!
  10. let yourself indulge every now & then to prevent binging & restriction cycles; cravings are your body’s way of speaking to you!

PSA: to make these veggies, place them on a skillet, preheat oven to 435F & season with apple cider, sea salt, black pepper, turmeric & Fody Foods taco seasonings & roast for 30 minutes or until crispy & browned!

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