A Few Things You Need To Know About My Meal Prep Service

A Few Things You Need To Know About My Meal Prep Service

Wondering how we built this plan for my client?! She told me exactly what she wanted & I catered to her needs!

She doesn’t like eating the exact same thing everyday, so she wanted me to use the 5 protein options we made as bases for her meals & switch up the carb & veggie options! Once you have your protein ready, it’s so easy to get creative & slice it up into salads or bowls & some days, you can just eat it as is with some good carbs & veggies on the side!

She wanted a few healthy snack options that could also double as quick & simple but still filling, breakfasts on the go for days she has no time to prepare at home. I made her 3 of my most-loved recipes on the blog: high protein banana bread, oatmeal flax cookies & flourless chocolate cake! They’re all really high in fibre, protein & healthy fats so they’re filling for breaky but also afternoon snacks!

She is making a conscious effort to avoid dairy & gluten to reduce inflammation, so all the recipes were made dairy & gluten-free!

She has a family of 4 + her at home so I made her extras aside from her pre-portioned meals because sharing is caring 😂

She’s not a huge fan of rice & wanted to stick to good sources of filling complex carbs so we went with quinoa salad & sweet potato cubes made with anti-inflammatory spices!

She wanted tons of different veggie options because her goal is to load up her meals with them to keep her full & bulk up on fibre

For protein, she wanted variety so we went with grilled chicken, turkey Mexican meatballs, crispy air-fried garlic balsamic tofu, grilled cilantro lemon salmon & a chopped chicken salad

As you can see, your meal prep by me can be exactly what you want it to be! Don’t be shy! Send me a DM if it’s something you think you might be interested in! I’d love to help!

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