My Go-To Products Post-Sweat

My Go-To Products Post-Sweat

These products are my go-to after an intense sweaty workout!

I used to wash my face after all my workouts, but overtime, I realized even though I was using good quality hydrating cleansers, my skin felt drier.
There’s such a thing as OVER-cleansing & doing so strips the skin of its natural oils & damages the moisture barrier.

A damaged moisture barrier means:

  • active ingredients are absorbed less effectively & therefore, seem to not work as well as they should
  • creates small, invisible cracks in the skin through which moisture easily escapes & irritants can enter, which leads to sensitivity, flakiness, peeling, tightness, dryness & breakouts

When I do resistance/strength training, I don’t cleanse my skin after. I just use blotting papers to wipe away visible sweat so it doesn’t clog my pores. After boxing, spinning or intense HIIT/insanity classes, I use:

  • Derma E Vtamin C micellar water to remove residue, sweat, makeup & excess oil buildup. It also contains rooibos & probiotics to rebuild skin’s microbiome & brighten & illuminate overtime with continuous use! The logic behind a micellar water is that tiny particles bind to toxins in the skin, pulling them away, without dehydrating (check out the blog for my full review).
  • Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Gel, legit like a glass of cold water to my face. It’s a B5 serum that improves skin’s barrier function, made with pineapple, ceramics, lentil, apple & watermelon & sodium hyaluronate & rehydrates & firms skin, reduces dryness & fine lines, brightens, soothes & improves texture overtime.

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