My Experience With Astragalus

My Experience With Astragalus

I just finished my first bottle of Astragalus, so I figured I’d give you guys an update!

What is it? Astragalus is a root known & used in Chinese medicine for its immune-boosting & adaptogenic properties.

The benefits?

  • regulates hormonal response, protects adrenal glands & helps the body better respond to mental & physical stressors / anxiety
  • protects cells from cell death, free radicals & oxidation
  • boosts energy
  • its polysaccharide & saponin content reduces the inflammatory response to many chronic illnesses
  • its flavonoid & antioxidant content & antimicrobial & antibacterial properties protect the heart, prevent plaque build up around the arteries, boost immune system & cognitive health
  • regulates blood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol & protects kidneys
  • treats cold & flu (& works even better if taken consistently to prevent any symptoms in the first place)
  • treats chronic asthma
  • fights aging & prevents collagen degeneration

What I noticed? Energy levels are on point, skin feels amazing & plump, little to no bloating, helped treat a really bad cold & helped me recover faster & I feel more in control when my anxiety hits!

How I take it? Daily in capsule form before my fasted workouts. I use New Roots.

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