Why It’s Not About The Calories

Why It’s Not About The Calories

This picture isn’t about the calories.

I bet it’s not the first one you see on the gram & I bet it also won’t be the last.

It’s about a lot more than the amount of energy I expended this morning. Because when you think about it, that’s what calories represent, right?

It’s about waking up & showing up, even on the days when I don’t feel like it, because I know how good I’ll feel after.

It’s about the pride I feel knowing that it would’ve been a lot easier to just stay home cuddled up in bed.

It’s about the mental strength it takes to push through.

It’s about the drive to continuously challenge myself to get physically & mentally stronger.

It’s about the difference those two hours make in my entire day.

It’s about how I ALWAYS feel better after a workout than I felt before it.

It’s about the discipline you build by using your motivation to wake up & show up.

It’s about how amazing my body feels & how at ease my mind feels when I’m done.

These are all things that the number of calories on my fitness watch can’t measure, but they’re FAR MORE important than that anyway.

We’re all so quick to judge & resent others when we see pics like this. And it’s no secret, we all do it! So, the next time you see a similar pic, take a step back & try to think of what it would represent for you. Odds are, it represents something similar to them.

Always remember that there’s nothing wrong with being proud of yourself every now & then & commending yourself for your achievements. Modesty is important, but so is self-acknowledgement. It helps build confidence, self-esteem, inner mental strength, belief in oneself & keeps us going & thriving!

Never let anyone make you feel bad for appreciating your own hard work. It’s not always easy to put in the work, but the results speak for themselves.

All this to say, let me remind you today that YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY GREAT & that it’s okay to remind yourself of that every so often!

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