Soy-Free Roasted Radish & Portobello Mushrooms (& How To Be More Aware of GMOs In Your Food)

Soy-Free Roasted Radish & Portobello Mushrooms (& How To Be More Aware of GMOs In Your Food)

I spoke about the importance of avoiding GMOs on my story this AM & the response is beyond what I expected! One way to become more mindful about GMO consumption is to replace all soy products with organic & non-GMO versions or find substitutes for your fave soy products altogether.

95% of soy in North America is genetically modified & contains compounds engineered in a lab that literally ALTER the genetic mutation & pose many risks to our health from depleting good gut bacteria, increasing the risk of cancer, reducing antibiotic resistance, allergies, intoxicating vital organs & causing inflammation.

The worst part is the US/Canadian governments & FDA don’t oblige companies to divulge whether they use GMOs… it’s a “voluntary” choice.

So how to be more aware of GMOs?

1) buy organic – generally, organic food is prohibited from containing GMOs

2) go local – local farms abide by more sustainable quality control practices & tend to be less focused than large scale ones on making a buck at the cost of health

3) read your labels & look for GMO certification & not just 1 ingredient on the label that’s non-GMO

4) when it comes to the top 5 GMO foods: corn, soy, cotton, canola & beets, be even MORE aware & do your due diligence!

2 years ago, I replaced all soy sauce with coconut aminos, a raw vegan & gluten-free alternative that contains NO GMOs & has beneficial enzymes, live bacteria, 75% less sodium & tastes delish!


  • Season with raw organic apple cider, coconut aminos, 1 huge tbsp. raw Dijon, lemon juice, black pepper & my homemade DIY everything spice (recipe on the blog), toss & roast for 30 minutes at 430F!
  • Enjoy!

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