45-Minute Partner HIIT Workout

45-Minute Partner HIIT Workout

Here’s a killer HIIT workout that you can do with a friend for a great sweat & a hella fat burn!

1)WARM-UP: 2 minute straight weighted sled pushes back & forth. Bring the sled to your partner & while he/she is pushing, do constant jumping jacks or high knees as you wait your turn!


  • Complete each circuit 3x.
  • Repeat each exercise for 30 seconds & take 5 seconds rest in between each exercise.
  • Take a 30 second to 1 minute break before staring the circuit again.

1) Lunge back with a bicep curl (left & right)
3) Squat to shoulder press
4) Squat pulses with weights held above shoulders
5) Curtsy lunges with weights held above shoulders (left & right)

1) Alternating bicep & hammer curls
2) Tricep overhead press
3) Alternating lateral & front raises
4) Plank rows (left & right)


  • Repeat the circuit 3x.
  • Take 5-10 seconds rest in between each exercise.
  • Take 30 seconds to 1 minute break before starting the circuit again

1) Plank leg lifts: 30 reps
2) Table top fire hydrants with kick outs & finish off with 10 continuous kicks on each side: 15 reps on each side
3) Oblique crossover alternating toe reaches: 30 reps
4) Plank twists: 30 reps


  • Do all 3 exercises once straight, no rest in between

1) 15 burpees
2) 30 alternating jump lunges
3) 15 squat jumps
4) 30 plank jacks (or step outs)

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