Why I Don’t Believe In Fad Diets & Trends

Why I Don’t Believe In Fad Diets & Trends

Why I don’t think restrictive fad diets or trends work:

For some, they work at first. Not because the research is 100% conclusive or because your health & body necessarily match the study participants to a T, but because initially, whatever it is, it’s NEW to your body & it’s shocking, so your body is like “WOW, what’s going on?!” & as you drastically change your habits, your body goes through changes with it.

But then what? 3 months in… you plateau or worse, you start retaining water & the number on the scale reflects this & it drives you NUTS.

You no longer see the same changes as when you started because your body got TOO used to it & no longer responds in the same way. If the diet was restrictive of 1 of the 3 macros (ex: keto & carbs), maybe your body is lashing out at you & sending you signs it can no longer sustain the energy output you’re asking for without carbs.

Naturally, you get discouraged. You try so hard & do “everything right”… or so you think, but you don’t see the fruit of your labour. So you try harder. You restrict more.

Eventually, your body can’t take it anymore & you crack. You fall into a binge & restrict cycle & trust me when I say that once you fall into it, getting out is HARD. It’s not worth it to let yourself get there initially.

Here’s my take: EAT REAL FOOD, trust & listen to your body.

When it’s hungry, feed it. When it’s not, don’t eat compulsively or mindlessly.

Cut the cr*p, literally. I’m talking refined sugar & flour, hydrogenated oil, deli meats, table salt, preservatives, additives, fillers & toxic chemical & artificial “zero cal” sweeteners.

Stop making excuses for yourself. You’re better than that & worth more than an easy way out.

Start taking care of your body & valuing it like you value other priorities in your life. Slowly but surely, your life will change. You’ll feel healthier, happier, more energized, stronger, motivated, disciplined & you’ll fall love with your life all over again!

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