Product Review: Derma E Vitamin C Micellar Water

Product Review: Derma E Vitamin C Micellar Water

I absolutely ADORE this micellar cleanser so I had to give you guys my two cents (especially since it’s so affordable).

First off, the logic behind micellar technology is that tiny micelles bind to toxins, dirt, makeup, excess serum & toxins & lift them away without rinsing (use it like you would a toner), thereby maintaining the skin’s hydration balance & not stripping or weakening the moisture barrier.

This cleanser is especially amazing because it’s made with 100% stable vitamin C, probiotics to protect the skin’s microbiome & yacon & rooibos is for brightness & natural glow.

It’s completely vegan, GMO & cruelty free, eco-ethical & the high vitamin C content also helps promote collagen synthesis & production, thereby fighting the signs of aging & reducing the appearance of fine lines, dark spots & wrinkles. When used consistently, it also helps restore skin’s hydration & clear blemishes, scars & reduce breakouts.

It removes even waterproof makeup like a charm & that’s why I love it after a workout because it removes any leftover makeup, binds to dirt & sweat & prepares my skin for my second cleanse, which is usually with an oil cleanser.

My skin always feels fresh, clean & clear when I finish using it & I didn’t experience any irritation or redness when I initially started using it! This is my 3rd bottle ever purchased & it’s definitely something I’ll continue repurchasing! .

You can find it at any health food store that carries the Derma E line or online & it retails for about $15!

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