KITK Tips To Cope With Stress

KITK Tips To Cope With Stress

Stress has HUGE IMPACT on our health!

It messes with metabolism, hormones, focus, attitude, relationships, productivity, skin, gut health, digestion, sleep & appetite, yet it’s such a chronic issue!

Yes, it’s a sign we care about something enough to work hard at it, but it’s CRUCIAL to not let the emotion control us… so HOW TO COPE?

(1) Identify stressors & triggers; once you do, it’s easier to find a targeted solution (ex: if you get overwhelmed when you have many meetings & can’t keep track, the solution may be to get an agenda & write them down to manage your time more efficiently).

(2) Get enough sleep!
The less sleep we get, the more irritable we are. Irritability + stress = lethal combination. Sleeping enough boosts focus, energy, prevents brain fog & helps us think clearly & make sound decisions, which means a stressful situation won’t phase us as much as if we were running on “empty”.

(3) Lists & time management = your BFFs.
Take time on Sunday to roughly schedule the week. Write it on your pone or in an agenda. Know your deadlines, give yourself time constraints at work/school & always have a bit of leeway for transport, eating & you time!

(4) Eat real food.
Say no to processed, packaged refined foods & sugars that mess with hormones, spike blood sugar, deplete energy & make us even more hungry & go for filling, nutritious whole foods rich in brain-boosting fats, good carbs, protein & amino acids & magnesium, zinc & iron to regulate stress hormones.

(5) Take a step back & breathe.
What are you stressed over? Is it worth it? Can it be done tomorrow? Are you putting unnecessary pressure on yourself? If you don’t take care of yourself first, you’ll be less efficient & productive in other areas of your life, so make sure to pencil iin some YOU TIME!

(6) Become connected to your spiritual being. I’m working hard at this & realizing that being more aware of my emotional, spiritual & mental body motivates me to be kinder to myself. Try yoga, meditation, journaling & reiki!

(7) Exercise regularly to release endorphins, relieve frustration, boost energy & mental clarity & to forget about life & focus on YOU for even just 30 min. a day!

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