How To Become A More Mindful Snacker

How To Become A More Mindful Snacker


Sometimes, we don’t even realize why we snack or how much we’re actually eating! If this happens to you, breathe; it happens to everyone!

Most of the time, there’s an underlying reason why our body & mind reacts that way; it’s not just the mere physical action of putting food into our mouth, but also a mental/emotional response or need that our body transmits to our mind.


1) figure out when you do it most & why; after a long day of work where you forget to eat & come home only to binge on everything in sight? after a disagreement with a loved one, on days where you work out more, at 4pm when the kids get home or at night when you’re watching TV?

2) get out of the kitchen when you feel tempted, especially after assessing your hunger & realizing that you’re not even hungry (& you’re just bored or tempted to eat because you’re sitting in the kitchen – we have a tendency to associate the kitchen with food & it’s a trigger for many!)

3) don’t buy the foods that trigger you, buy them less often, not in bulk or as a treat or make healthier versions & freeze them; it’s best not to deprive yourself entirely but rather to find healthier ways to have your cake & eat it too!

4) make sure to eat balanced & filling meals & snacks during the day to prevent night binges (skipping meals catches up to you) & stay hydrated (even more if you exercise); dehydration is often mistaken for hunger.

5) let yourself indulge every so often so you don’t become obsessed & fall into binge/restrict cycles.

6) when you feel triggered, stop & ask yourself if you’re really hungry; if you are, eat; if not, distract yourself!

7) cut up fruit & veggies so they’re ready for snacking & dipping into hummus/guac; they’re crunchy & refreshing & since they’re full of fibre, they’ll keep you full!

8) when it happens, don’t dwell or let yourself go completely; get back on track: tomorrow’s a new day!

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