What On Earth Are Biosil Drops?!

What On Earth Are Biosil Drops?!

I’ve been adding Biosil choline & silicon drops to my lemon water every AM for over a year (PSA: They’re also available in capsule form). If you want to know more about what I drink every morning first thing when I wake up, click here: https://kellyinthekitch.blog/2018/01/22/my-new-morning-tonic-aloe-chlorophyll-lemon-water-a-k-a-how-why-i-stepped-up-my-lemon-water-game/

The logic behind them? 

Collagen is the glue that holds the body together & is responsible for skin elasticity, plumpness, firmness, how quickly it wrinkles, the strength of our hair follicle & how soon we start to experience hair loss, the onset of the signs of aging in all areas of our body, the strength of our gut lining, which determines how well we are able to fight off yeast overgrowth & leaky gut syndrome, the strength of our membranes, tendons, joints, muscles, bones & gut & helps with muscle recovery.

The sad part? Our body’s natural collagen production declines by about 1% every year as of our early twenties… so yes, you guessed right, we have to regenerate it if we want to keep our skin looking young, hair thick, shiny & long, nails strong, gut healthy, muscles, bones, joints & tendons strong & fight the early onset of aging. 

Collagen is a type of protein just like any other. When we ingest it, our body breaks it down (like it does food) into amino acids the same way it does any other protein source & uses it for energy & doesn’t have the ability to know where the protein comes from & what targeted benefits to use it for (skin, hair, nails, gut). 

So what’s the deal? Are these drops the same thing as ingesting collagen?

There are 3 “beauty” proteins, for lack of a better word: collagen, keratin & elastin. Beginning in our early twenties, not only do our bodies produce fewer proteins, but what is produced is also of lower quality. Not only is it of lower quality, but the direction in which the fibres in our skin go changes (multi directional or one directional). This is why as we age, skin wrinkles & sags, we start to see fine lines, weaker & thinner hair, brittle nails, more fragile bones, slower muscle repair & recovery, more soreness, etc.

We cannot increase these proteins by simply ingesting them or applying them topically, because as mentioned above, the body uses them as a food source just like any other protein. The key is to active the cells that produce these structural proteins DIRECTLY inside the skin & hair tissue. That’s where these drops come in… & they are NOT the same thing as taking collagen, but rather a way to switch on something our bodies ALREADY naturally do by hastening the process of activating the cells responsible for synthesizing collagen. 

As collagen depletes overtime, these drops are one of the ways we can be proactive to practice daily habits conducive to boosting our body’s natural ability to produce it (aside from eating real food high in vitamin C, antioxidants & hyaluronic acid, which should be the MAIN source of boosting the body’s natural synthesis & production of collagen).

Instead of ingesting straight-up collagen in powder or capsule form or applying it topically, Biosil activates enzymes in the cells (fibroblasts) that naturally generate collagen & triggers a reaction where the body uses its very OWN DNA to regenerate collagen.

The patented combination of choline & orthosilicilic acid helps the body regenerate optimal amounts of these 3 must-have proteins in a safe & natural way that is CLINICALLY PROVEN. The clinical trials show that Biosil helps reduce wrinkles by 30%, increases skin elasticity by 89% & strengthens hair by 13.3%, as well as increase nail hardness. These are just some of the impressive results!

What I’ve noticed? 

I’ve been using them for over a year now & *knocks on wood*, my skin is in a VERY good place, my hair follicle is stronger than ever & my hair is growing more now than it has in years (I experienced so much hair loss & bald spots with my anorexia & they’re all gone) & my real nails (under my BioGel ones) are stronger than ever.

In the past, whenever I’d take breaks from my BioGel nails, my nails were so BRITTLE that they’d break if I hit them against a table or counter top, INSTANTLY. Now, they’re strong AF (even though I don’t drink any milk or consume any dairy products… because guess what? There’s actually more calcium in greens, PSA). 

Why I love them? 

Because they are clinically proven (& not just tested – there’s a huge difference between the two: tested means that the ingredient was tested, but no results were shown, whereas proven means that results were significant, statistically proven & could be repeated no matter what & no matter who is taking the product), I’ve seen results from them & because they’re a great alternative to taking collagen for those who don’t react well to it or who follow a vegan or plant-based diet. 

Can you take collagen at the same time? 

Yes, it’s not the same thing at all & there’s no overlap! Collagen is an amazing source of protein & amino acids & it’s great to add in to smoothies, baked or raw recipes or chia pudding or oats to bulk them up in protein, especially after workouts! 

Will you see results right away? 

Nope! If you aren’t consistent, you won’t see results, the same way you wouldn’t see results if you were only taking your probiotics or other medications sporadically. It’s important to stick to it & to add it to your routine in a way that you know you can stick to! I would give it anywhere between a month to 3 months before seeing real tangible results. Keep in mind that when it comes to skin or hormones, a cycle is generally 28 days, so it’s important to go through at least 1 full skin-cycle to see any change, especially since hormones are fluctuating. 

How I use it? 

I add about 8-10 drops to my lemon water every morning. It doesn’t need to be taken with food, so you can add it to virtually any liquid that you drink throughout the day (smoothies, a waterbottle, lemon water, protein shakes, etc.)

Should you use it? 

I’ve only seen amazing results from them, but I’m not you & my body isn’t yours & everyone is different! If you’re being followed or monitored by a doctor for a specific health issue or if you’re taking other medication, I always recommend checking with your doctor before adding any supplement to make sure there aren’t any contra-indications. 

What are some of the other benefits the patented combination of choline & orthosilicilic acid provides? 

The ChoSa combination prevents the natural breakdown of collagen in the body (both new & existing collagen). Our bodies actually have a naturally occurring substance that corrodes collagen (homocysteine) & weakens it, which leads to the unwanted breakdown of collagen over the years. Choline converts the homocysteine into health-promoting methionine, an amino acid with powerful antioxidants protecting us & our collagen from free radicals & from depletion. This amino acid also helps promote healthy metabolism & prevents plaque formation. Choline also rebuilds cell membranes because it’s an essential precursor to phospholipids & I’m talking all membranes in the body from our skin, hair, gut, bones, tendons, joints, nails & muscles!

If you guys have any other questions about these drops, feel free to leave them down below! xx

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