What’s It Like Living Plant-Based?

What’s It Like Living Plant-Based?

What’s it like living a plant-based lifestyle?

I absolutely love it!

My energy has never been better or more sustained, my skin cleared up in ways I didn’t even know it could, I have so much less inflammation, my digestion is so regular & I can’t remember the last time I needed a digestive enzyme.

The food is delish & so nutritious & I’m so much more open-minded about trying new foods! I don’t think I could EVER go back!

BUT… like with ANY new habit, there’s no denying it was a tough challenge & really hard to get here.

Going plant-based requires an open mind, a ton of dedication even without seeing results instantaneously & perseverance in the face of those who discredit it as a lifestyle.

I was brought up in a Moroccan Jewish family so you can imagine the concept of eliminating all animal products was quite bizarre.

For me, it wasn’t hard to cut meat; I was never a big meat eater & I already cut red meat 12 years ago! The hardest part was cutting dairy because I loved Greek yogurt for breaky.

BUT, I eliminated the foods progressively instead of going cold turkey & shocking my body & that’s truly why I believe it’s been such an amazing journey & rewarding experience!

Getting enough protein is also hard because I have to eat larger volumes of food to get as much as I’d get from animal sources, but IMO, it’s worth every single effort! This is why I eat very often throughout the day to ensure I get my protein & that I don’t get bloated with just 3 huge meals.

Going plant-based is a journey & you have to put in the work & be ready to learn from the challenges you’ll face as you adopt it as a lifestyle!

Every challenge teaches you something & helps you figure out what makes you feel YOUR best & what plant-based means to you because ultimately, you don’t have to fit a mould or clear-cut definition. Your lifestyle is just that: YOUR LIFE. Make sure you let yourself live it & most importantly, LOVE it!

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