Should You Exercise When You’re Sick?

Should You Exercise When You’re Sick?

Should you exercise when you’re feeling under the weather?

Well, it depends.

First things first, I don’t believe there’s a clear-cut yes or no answer to this question. Like with everything when it comes to our health, it’s important to listen to our bodies & truth is, only we know what’s “right” or “wrong” for us.

Personally, when I feel congested, I have a hard time with cardio, but I find I can still lift weights & do moderate intensity resistance training & core work. Exercise can actually help open nasal passages & relieve congestion & has also been shown to help strengthen immunity.

The release of endorphins also helps boost mood, which can sometimes be off when we feel sick & sluggish.

Obviously if I have the chills, body aches or fever, I know better than to put my body through a workout & that’s when it’s a sign to stay home & rest 🛌.

Moral of the story: choosing to workout when you’re sick is a personal choice & the way you feel is the best indication as to whether or not you should, irrespective of what everyone else is saying & doing!

Today, I chose to do a boot camp class & lifted weights, but I opted out of cardio kickboxing because I knew my body would love & thank me for that.

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