My Probiotic Update: Genestra HMF Forte

My Probiotic Update: Genestra HMF Forte

I’ve been using Genestra HMF Forte probiotics since October & I wanted to give it 3 months before updating you guys! I’d been using Nova Probiotics for over a year & after a colonics appt., my naturopath recommended switching to these to change things up & see how I feel! (I have nothing bad to say about Nova – I absolutely love everything everything about their brand, quality, products & effectiveness, but it was just time for a change!).

3 months in, I feel better than EVER!

  • My digestion was already thankfully in a really good place, but now I’m even more regular
  • My energy levels have never been better (this is a good sign because it means my body is properly absorbing the nutrients from my food & using them for fuel; lack of nutrient absorption is often a problem for those with gut health issues)
  • I experience bloating very rarely (& that’s saying a lot since I eat a ton of fibre).
  • My skin is in a great place!

The capsules are vegan, non-medicinal ingredients are clean & contain a variety of strains, which is very important since different strains promote varied gut & digestion benefits!

They’re also backed by clinical evidence, abide by strict quality assurance & comply with FDA/Health Canada requirements.

The idea behind the HMF line is: non-pathogenic human-sourced microflora (HMF) bacterial strains are used as they adhere to our gut lining effectively & have a high tolerance of stomach acid (hence, more of the healthy bacteria is preserved & not destroyed by overly acidic GI tracts).

I always take them with food to prevent nausea & enhance absorption, but do what works for you!

Get them at Tau or Health Tree (bonus: they’re affordable!) & if you’re new to probiotics, always start with a lower CFU count (go with the HMF before the HMF forte) to see how your body reacts & then you can increase when you buy your next bottle!

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