Sourdough-101 & A Great Option ft. BreadBox!

Sourdough-101 & A Great Option ft. BreadBox!

SHOUTOUT TO BreadBox for just making a bakery-style sourdough loaf come to life in my kitchen (& throw a party in my mouth!!!!!).

This is my first time trying sourdough & I’m shook. It’s fresh, moist & chewy on the inside, smells & tastes heavenly, crispy & crunchy on the outside, contains ZERO additives, preservatives, colorants, emulsifiers or conditioners & it has 3 (yes, 3) ingredients!

I’d heard a lot about sourdough but never tried it & HOW DID I WAIT THIS LONG?! Its basically made by cultivating & feeding naturally occurring yeast & is loaded with healthy bacteria (probiotics).

Through a fermentation process, carbs & anti-nutrients (like physic acid) are neutralized & broken down, which makes the bread easier on the digestive system & more bioavailable & nutrient-dense.

Anti-nutrients (otherwise known as enzyme inhibitors) act as protective shields for grains, nuts & legumes when they grow in nature; the issue potentially occurs when we consume those foods without removing those defence systems, which inhibit our bodies from producing the enzymes needed to digest food. All hail sprouted grains & sourdough!

Sourdough has also been shown to regulate blood sugar & pH in the body, contains natural probiotics for gut health, may be safer for those with autoimmune diseases & reduces inflammation, boosts nutrient absorption & contains a high amount of fibre, protein, iron, potassium & zero cholesterol!

The BreadBox loaf is made BY HAND, pre-baked so it takes just 20-25 min. to prepare from start to finish & completely natural (hence why it only lasts about a week at room temperature!).

You can find the loaves at many health food stores in & around Montreal (use the “find us” tab on their website) & hopefully they’ll be launching online soon!!!!

I HIGHLY recommend trying it & if you wanna know how I devoured it, here’s my toast done right!

dEATs: 1 slice topped with my homemade creamy chocolate sugar free cashew butter, banana, berries, flax & raw cacao 🍫

Most store bought chocolate flavoured nut butters contain chocolate chips (with refined sugar), cane sugar or evaporated cane sugar or juice, added salt, preservatives, additives & even refined sugar!

This homemade version is completely sugar free & made with just 3 ingredients: add 1 tbsp. nut or seed butter of choice, raw cacao & a smidge of coconut oil to a bowl & mix! BAM!!

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