Dandelion Root Tea: The Benefits & Why I Love It

Dandelion Root Tea: The Benefits & Why I Love It

Dandelion root tea is one of my faves to have before bed!

It feels so nice to sip on a cup of tea after a long, cold winter day & it’s really soothing on the stomach too!

Drinking tea at night is also a great way to get your body into unwinding mode & prepare it for bed, which may overtime help stabilize your circadian flow.

Like most things I nourish my body with, it has tons of health benefits:

  • reduces bad cholesterol & increases beneficial HDL cholesterol, thereby promoting heart health & boosting circulation & blood flow
  • high in antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals & fight disease, boost skin health & immunity & fight inflammation
  • supports liver health & detoxification
  • fights bacteria due to its antimicrobial properties & also has prebiotic fibre, which is the nourishment & fuel for the good healthy bacteria already living in our gut
  • stimulates digestion & reduces water retention & bloating
  • filled with vitamin A (important for skin & eye health), vitamin K (crucial for vitamin D absorption & bone health) & vitamin C!
  • helps regulate blood sugar levels & lower high blood pressure
  • eases PMS symptoms

I use the one by Celebration Herbal, but most health food & grocery stores carry tons of different brands! Just make sure it contains just the dandelion root & no added sugars, sweeteners, artificial flavour or colour, sugar polyalcohols or other additives!

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