Why Your Meal Prep Doesn’t Need To Follow Any Guidelines

Why Your Meal Prep Doesn’t Need To Follow Any Guidelines

We don’t have any specifics we follow when it comes to meal prep & IMO, I don’t think it’s necessary to abide by any guidelines or rules to stay on track & healthy!

We prep based on what we have in the fridge & pantry, which is part of what makes it fun because we get creative with what we have instead of buying more! This way, nothing goes to waste!

We also prep based on what we’re feeling/in the mood for. Some weeks, that means more hot prepped food, like chili, soups, veggie/salmon burgers, meatballs, grilled or roasted chicken for the fam; other weeks, we’re more into veggies (raw & roasted), dressings, dips, healthy sweets & prepping just our protein (chicken, lentils, quinoa, brown rice etc.) & other weeks, we go HAM with the sweets! It really depends!

Moral of the story: Prep what you love, enjoy & what works for you & do it in the way that works best for you & fits with your lifestyle. Your prep doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s, doesn’t have to be super fancy & can take anywhere from an hour to 1/2 day in the kitchen depending how much work you decide to put into it!

Here’s this week’s spread:

1. VEGGIES: Crispy lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers, roasted honey Dijon carrots, lemon pepper radish & fennel & leftover roasted veggies, raw celery & carrots, daikon radish, organic beets for juicing & steamed then frozen cauliflower for smoothie bowls.

2. SWEETS: Bee pollen chocolate protein truffles, quinoa chocolate chip cookies, banana collagen oatmeal fig cookies

3. FRUIT: Pineapple & frozen banana for smoothie bowls

4. PROTEIN: Sprouted organic lentils, boiled free range organic eggs, quinoa, steel cut oats, mashed lentil “mock chopped egg” salad, grilled Greek spiced chicken & lazy lentil soup

5. BEVERAGES: homemade organic fair-trade cold brew coffee & homemade Brazil nut & cashew milk

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