Easy Ways To Incorporate More Greens In Your Life

Easy Ways To Incorporate More Greens In Your Life

Here’s your daily reminder to EAT YOUR GREENS & here are some easy ways to do so!

  • use lettuce wraps instead of buns for burgers, guac, pesto, mashed chickpeas, black beans, tacos, ground meats & veggies
  • add them to your smoothies
  • have an afternoon green juice
  • make a side salad with all your meals or have a salad as a snack with some nuts or seeds
  • cut up green veggies for an afternoon snack & have some guac, hummus or Dijon as dip!
  • sauté any leftover greens you have in the fridge so they don’t go to waste & you can serve them as a side with your meals
  • wash & prep your greens and veggies when you do groceries so that they’re ready when you want them in a hurry & less tempted to go for packaged foods
  • throw some greens into your recipes ALWAYS: omelettes, frittatas, chilis, stir fry, stews, soups, sandwiches, etc. They shrink to just about nothing anyway & add tons of flavour & health benefits!
  • add chlorophyll to lemon water in the AM or to smoothies
  • add green superfood powders into smoothies, baked or raw treats or oats/chia pudding: matcha, chlorella, spirulina, moringa are some of my faves!
  • make kale or cabbage chips à la (LilSipper has an amazing recipe for cabbage chips & search for my recipes for kale chips on the homepage or click here for my fave ones: Garlicky Cheesy Crispy Kale Chips In 20 Minutes!
  • roast a big batch of veggies on Sundays so you always have them ready as needed!
  • munch on romaine when you’re craving something crunchy!


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