Why You Need To Stop Comparing Your Food Choices To Everybody Else’s

Why You Need To Stop Comparing Your Food Choices To Everybody Else’s

Do you ever find yourself comparing someone else’s food portions to your own?!

Wondering how they manage to eat so much or get by eating so little? I feel like we’ve all been there & it’s become almost natural because of the whole food & health craze on the gram.

The thing is, we’re all SO different & our bodily needs are too!

Our very own needs vary day to day based on activity levels, the energy we expend, sleep, hormones & mood… so what’s the logic in comparing what we eat to others? THERE IS NONE.

Next time you find yourself comparing someone’s bowl of oats to the one you just had this AM, keep the next few things in mind:

YOUR body is YOURS & it’s your responsibility to listen to it when it asks you for fuel & nourish it adequately, IRRESPECTIVE of what or how much others eat.

You don’t know what happens behind closed doors, « off the gram »; social media is a highlight reel. People show you what they want you to see. They show you the plate of food ready to be devoured, but don’t always show you the 1/2 eaten portion or the seconds they served themselves, so what you’re comparing yourself to might not be the whole truth.

Basing your food choices on somebody else’s & disregarding your hunger cues is like basing your expenses on Mrs. X’s lifestyle without consideration for what you can afford – frankly, it makes NO sense!

If you weren’t on social media, you’d NEVER know about all the latest food trends & you’d never think twice about the food sitting in front of you RN.

I’m not saying everything you see on the gram is bad or wrong, BUT, be your own health advocate & take it with a grain of salt. People share what works for them, but that might not work for you!

Health is so individualized & it can be easy to get blinded by what you see, so OPEN your eyes & be self-aware; don’t put others’ health tips above cues from your own body.

Here’s my din portion tonight. I ate it all & I enjoyed the F out of it. I promise to always keep it real with you babes!


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