Skincare Product Review: Fresh Beauty Crème Ancienne Infusion Toner

Skincare Product Review: Fresh Beauty Crème Ancienne Infusion Toner

Disclaimer: I didn’t want to love this product but unfortunately, I do! I was never one for investing tons in toners, but on a recent trip to NY, I decided to splurge!

  • What it’s designed to do? Treat the skin by saturating it with hydrating & purifying ingredients to help even texture & fight dehydration & signs of aging
  • What’s in it? bamboo extract, purifying lavender water, rose flower water, hyaluronic acid to seal in moisture & keep skin soft & supple, meadowfoam & sea buckthorn oil for nourishment & restorative omega fatty acids & antioxidants.
  • What’s not in it? Parabens, phtalates & sulfates
  • What I think?! I’m in love! It’s basically everything I look for in a toner & every bit & piece that I’ve loved about toners I used in the past but in one product! My skin feels so refreshed, smooth, clean & illuminated after I use it. Even though I cleanse super well before bed with an oil cleanser, this toner gets off any & all residue makeup (even waterproof) & perfectly preps my skin to receive all the active ingredients in my serums.
  • Price point? I know, it’s really expensive. But that’s because the quality of the ingredients speak for themselves. I totally get it. Not everyone can afford to splurge on a toner, so if I had to recommend something similar that I’ve tried & loved for months, I’d say try out the Cocokind rosewater toner, which is another fave of mine! You can also try a lavender water face mist & double it as a toner (get it at most health food stores).
  • Moral of the story: I love it but I think it’s a huge splurge! If your budget permits it, I definitely recommend trying it out & comparing the results to your previous toner after 1 month of use!

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