Let’s Talk: Cauliflower & Why I Steam It, Add It To Smoothies & The Benefits

Let’s Talk: Cauliflower & Why I Steam It, Add It To Smoothies & The Benefits

Let’s talk about one of my fave veggies to add into smoothies & why I don’t go a week without steaming & freezing a whole head (or 2): CAULIFLOWER!

Cauliflower is part of the cruciferous veggie fam. It has tons of vitamins, minerals & health benefits from high fibre to reducing blood glucose levels to boosting the body’s antioxidant power, fighting disease, providing plant protein, healing & sealing the gut lining, building strong bones & detoxifying the body.

BUT, if you have a sensitive gut or suffer from a diagnosed gastrointestinal issue, these veg can be harder for you to digest due to their sulfur content & their “raffinose” content (a carb that we don’t have the enzyme to break down).

This carb passes through the stomach & small intestine undigested & when it arrives in the large intestine, it can’t fulfill its primary role; absorbing nutrients broken down in the stomach & small intestine because the veggies haven’t actually been broken down, so… bacterial fermentation happens & this can lead to bloating, gas &/or flatulence.

THAT’S WHERE STEAMING COMES IN! As long as you steam or cook these veggies, they become easier to digest.


  • Cut the florets off the head & remove as much of the stem as possible (harder to digest). Fill the bottom of a pot with 2 inches of water.
  • Add the cauliflower, cover & steam for about 3-4 minutes to get it crisp/tender but not soft!).
  • Remove from the heat, strain, rinse & let cool completely before placing on a plate & freezing.
  • Once frozen, place the veggies in a ziploc & keep frozen until use! (You can do the same with zucchini, squash & broccoli).


  • to reduce sugar content & add bulk (instead of using 2 cup of fruit, I use 3/4 cup & substitute the rest with veggies)
  • gives smoothies the creamiest, thickest texture of life
  • boosts vitamin & mineral content
  • a great way to get more veggies, gut health perks & fibre without even tasting it’s there!


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