Let’s Talk: MINDSET

Let’s Talk: MINDSET

It all begins & ends in the mind. What we give power to has power over us. IF WE ALLOW IT.

Overcoming adversity, challenge & hardship is about being MORE powerful than the voice in our heads telling us to cave, dwell, stay sick & unhealthy, wallow in misery & feel unhappy.

Today, I’m proud to share that I completely CURED my B12 deficiency through nutrition!

I’ve had a diagnosed B12 deficiency & been supplementing for as long as I can remember (before my ED, during it, before going plant-based) & now… after living plant-based for almost a year, I’m no longer deficient!

TBH, I thought I was destined to live with this deficiency forever & even more so after changing my lifestyle, but, I worked hard, kept an open mind & made conscious efforts everyday to cure it & I DID!!!

The voice in your head telling you you’re not strong enough to work out, telling you that  you don’t deserve the second brownie even though you want it, that you should stop at 15 minutes into your training session instead of 30, that you don’t need to start today; you’ll start tomorrow, that you aren’t worthy of a healthy, happy & fulfilled life, SHUT IT UP.

Your body & mind can withstand ANYTHING. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW STRONG YOU ARE.

Work on your mental. Sharpen it. If it isn’t strong, it’ll let you down time & time again. & If it still lets you down at first, BREATHE. It’s a normal part of the process of regaining control of the things that have been weighing you down & dominating your mindset.

YOU OWE THIS TO YOURSELF. To push yourself harder at the gym. To have the 2nd brownie if you want it. To start changing your life today & not tomorrow, even with just a baby step. To believe in your ability instead of letting your lack of self-esteem bring you down. To live a happy, healthy & fulfilled life. To LOVE YOURSELF wholeheartedly.

As you read this today, you’re alive, well & breathing. But sometimes, being alive isn’t enough. Stop living just to say you’re alive. Stop just being. Start living & LOVING the life you live!


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