Why You Don’t Have To Hide The Hard Times

Why You Don’t Have To Hide The Hard Times

Loving my body is hard these days.

We all go through hard times & there’s no pride in hiding it or pretending it’s not the case.

So much of what we see on the gram makes it seem like everybody’s life is perfect & if my account ever made you feel that way, here’s to being real.

I don’t always feel good in my skin.
I don’t always feel confident or want to love my body.
I don’t always want to resist nitpicking my insecurities.
I don’t always want to do what I should do because I’m human & I think it’s important to acknowledge that & not lose sight of it just because I made it my mission to share my life on social media in hopes to inspire & help others.

My life isn’t just the workouts, delicious food, supplements, trips, outings with my sis & healthy habits.

It’s also the shitty days, anxiety, racing heart, ED thoughts, uncertainty about where I am today & who I’ll meet along the way.

I’m just being real with you guys & putting it out there that if you’re struggling, you’re not alone.

Everybody’s struggling with something & nobody’s struggle is more worthy, valid or rough than yours. Your struggle is YOURS & it’s completely normal.

A valuable lesson I learned is that repressing it is SO unhealthy & self-destructive.

As hard as it was, facing my struggles is the bravest & most rewarding thing I ever did because every single one taught me something that brought me to TODAY. I’m alive & healthy.

True, some days, I feel more insecure than others, but in the grand scheme of things, I’m so lucky to be alive & for that, I’m grateful.

Let’s stop letting ourselves get so lost in the small things & lets acknowledge how lucky we are to just be!


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