Starting A Health Journey? Keep it Simple!

Starting A Health Journey? Keep it Simple!

Keep it simple!

One of my most important grocery tips is stick to the outer aisles – it’s amazing how easy & simple it can be to stock a fridge when you fill the majority of it with fresh fruit/veggies!
There’s nothing I love more than my plant-based lifestyle & if you wanna read more about my transition, head over to the blog & type “plant-based lifestyle” or click here.

The inner aisles are full of packaged & processed foods in colourful bags & boxes labelled with misleading & false slogans that are SO easy for the average consumer to fall for. That’s the food industry trying to make a buck… but at the cost of one of the most valuable things in the world: our health!

It’s easy to say “stay away from the inner aisles”, but a lot harder to practice it (especially if you have kids)! So what’s the happy medium?

  • You don’t have to stay away entirely. Start with a conscious effort to visit those aisles less every time you shop OR set a limit of the # of products you so that you don’t overdo it. Slowly but surely, you’ll get to a point where your body learns to love the fresher & more real food you replace the packaged stuff with & you end up in those aisles less & less. It’s a process, not a race.
  • Educate yourself about WHY you should stay away from ingredients like hydrogenated oils, refined sugar/syrups, preservatives, fillers, table salt, refined grains, deli meats, etc. When you’re aware of what those things do to your body overtime, it’s easier & more motivating to eat healthier alternatives.
  • Listen to your body; if you feel crappy every time you eat certain foods, odds are you have an intolerance, so it might be best to replace them!
  • Remember: the way you feel is a direct reflection of what you put in your body, so make wise & mindful choices! BUT, if you indulge, don’t beat yourself up. It’s not the odd occasion that causes long-term health issues but rather the accumulation! Everything in moderation!


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