KITK’s Tips For Better Sleep

KITK’s Tips For Better Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important, yet underestimated aspects of our health!

Unhealthy sleep schedules affect everything from metabolism, ability to burn fat, energy, digestion, sugar cravings, ghrelin (hunger hormone), muscle recovery, focus, productivity, memory, hormones, gut, adrenals, stress, anxiety, mood, skin & overall vitality.

Getting your body into a circadian flow (your body’s alarm clock) & a similar sleep/wake cycle everyday is the key to living healthy!


  • Tart cherry (natural source of melatonin), CBD oil, ashwagandha, avena sativa (oat straw), magnesium, medicinal/adaptogenic mushrooms (chaga, reishi, cordyceps)
  • Cure your adrenal fatigue so your cortisol levels actually dip towards bed time as they’re supposed to (probiotics, healthy fats, superfood greens, protein & adaptogens are key). To read more about adrenal fatigue, click here.
  • Probiotics improve the synergy between the gut & brain (especially important if insomnia is caused by anxiety/stress/racing mind)
  • Have a night-time routine/rituals that sets your body into the mentality of unwinding & going to bed (skincare routine, tea, apple cider vinegar shot, aromatherapy, journal, meditate, read, take a bath)
  • Leave tech tools/work/school books outside the bedroom to prevent overstimulation of the mind & reduce stress
  • Face & cope with your anxiety so it doesn’t interfere with sleep
  • Avoid refined sugar, alcohol, caffeine before bed to prevent spikes in blood sugar/jitters; if you’re hungry, have some dark chocolate or healthy fats (nuts/nut butter)
  • Go to bed & wake up around the same time everyday to get your body into a sleep schedule
  • If a late-night workout gets you too worked up, work our earlier in the day
  • Be more self-aware; what’s keeping you awake, why? & how can you fix it so that it no longer hinders your sleep?


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