My Post-Vacay Meal Prep Tips

My Post-Vacay Meal Prep Tips

I legitimately had every excuse in the world not to meal prep when I got home from NYC… “too tired + lazy”, “it’s the end of the week, no need”, “not enough groceries”, “no motivation or ideas”, “I’ll start fresh on Sunday”… the list goes on!

But instead, I went with it! It’s not a fancy or intricate spread, but what matters is that we have the basics to build healthy breaky, snacks & meals! This just goes to show you that there’ll ALWAYS be an excuse, easier solution or “way out”, but it’s not because it’s there that you have to take it!

Whenever we get home from a trip, I make it a priority to get prep some healthy eats, whether it’s the beginning, end or middle of the week!


  • Clean the fridge & get rid of food that went bad & isn’t usable
  • Freeze overripe bananas for smoothies & other fruit or veggies or make homemade jam
  • Steam cauliflower or broccoli for freezing for smoothies
  • Wash & cut any fresh veggies
  • Roast/air fry veggies to have on hand to throw into meals
  • Prep baked & raw snacks filled with fibre, protein & healthy fats
  • Make homemade milk (this week, I made my homemade hemp milk), Asobu Bottle cold brew coffee & fresh raw beet juice
  • Prep the protein & grains: organic free-range eggs, sprouted organic lentils & brown rice


  • VEGGIES: organic beets, celery, steamed broccoli for smoothies, sautéed asparagus, roasted veggies, air-fried carrots
  • GRAINS: brown rice
  • PROTEIN: eggs & lentils
  • SNACKS: black bean protein cookies, healthier caramelized nuts, low-carb maple pecan energy balls, homemade almond butter, nut-butter stuffed dates
  • FRUIT: frozen banana, berries & homemade jam


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