Just A Few Of My Grocery Staples

Just A Few Of My Grocery Staples

Here are some of my grocery staples:

  • SIMPLY ORGANIC PURE VANILLA EXTRACT: This is definitely a splurge, but it’s worth it! The artificial vanilla sold at most grocery stores is full of preservatives & artificial sweeteners harmful to the digestive system, liver & gut. We use this in baked/raw treats, oatmeal, smoothies, dairy-free yogurt bowls & as a sugar-free alternative to sweetener.
  • PURE ENCAPSULATIONS LIQUID B12: I take these daily in addition to my B-complex supplement, added in my pre-workout coffee! I have a diagnosed B12 deficiency & I eat plant-based so it’s super important for me to keep my levels in check! B12 is vital for skin, hair, nail health, absorption & metabolism of macronutrients, energy levels, cognitive function & overall vitality.
  • RAW ORGANIC BEETS: ALWAYS get your beets organic to ensure they’re non-GMO! I drink raw beet juice every AM after my lemon water on an empty stomach. Wanna know why? Head over to the blog & search “beet juice”
  • MAISON ORPHÉE RAW DIJON & MUSTARD: Guilty as charged for a mustard obsession! I add it to vegan burgers, salad dressings, marinades, roasted veggies & even use it as a dip for raw veggies!
  • GANDALF ASTXANTHIN CAPSULES: I add the liquid of 2 capsules to my smoothies daily. It’s one of the most potent antioxidants on earth & is an amazing source of DHA for vegans! To read more about the benefits, search “astaxanthin” on the blog!
  • CAULIFLOWER: I steam it 1x/week to then freeze it for smoothies. Steaming makes it more digestible & adding it to smoothies is great because it cuts sugar content & adds fibre, antioxidants, vitamins & thick texture!
  • LIVING INTENTIONS SUPERFOOD GRANOLA: My go-to granola for smoothies, filled with live bacteria good for the gut, adaptogens, superfood powders & berries, high fibre & protein, low sugar & super clean ingredients!
  • LILY OF THE DESERT ALOE VERA JUICE: I add it to my lemon chlorophyll water every AM for all it’s gut & skin healing benefits, liver detoxification & antioxidant content!


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