KITK’s Travelling & Healthy Eating Tips

KITK’s Travelling & Healthy Eating Tips

Vacation doesn’t mean you fly off the handle entirely with your healthy habits! It’s obvi fun to indulge & there’s nothing wrong with that; it’s important to have balance without stressing too much or making yourself feel guilty!

BUT it’s no secret that indulging for a week or 2 non-stop on food you don’t usually eat or have sensitivities to can take a toll on your body & the way you feel!

There’s no shame in making yourself & your health a priority; what’s important is that you don’t let it take away from the fun!


  • Customize food at the restaurant to fit your needs & food sensitivities; ask for sauce or dressing on the side, ask the waiter to grill, broil or roast your protein instead of deep-frying it or order 1/2 the portion of fries or rice & replace the rest with more greens/veggies
  • If you indulge, don’t freak out; it’s not the end of the world & any bloat the next day may be undigested food, water retention or result from sensitivities
  • Stay hydrated; drinking prevents water retention (esp. from resto food that’s full of salt & alcohol), boosts circulation, enhances digestion & flushes out toxins
  • Don’t skip breaky; a wholesome healthy breaky sets the tone for the day & encourages you to continue with healthy habits
  • Indulge in moderation & pick & choose “your battles”; if you know you’re going to your fave restaurant for din, eat light meals during the day, take small bites/share desserts, eat mindfully & practice portion control
  • Bring a few healthy snacks with you (i.e. clean bars) & when you get there, pick up fruit at the grocery store to keep in the hotel room if you get hungry mid-day
  • Get in a sweat/be active for at least 30 min./day. No excuses! Walk to the restaurant vs. take the subway, park the car farther & take a nice walk, go for a swim, a workout class or your hotel gym (I aim for at least 10K steps a day, but today we hit almost 30K!!)
  • Take a probiotic before, during & after your trip & bring digestive enzymes in case you experience bad bloating or sensitivities to uncommon foods!
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN & don’t let food control or ruin your vacay!


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