Why Belief Is The First Step To Healing

Why Belief Is The First Step To Healing

Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish yourself, mind, body & soul.

For so many years, I used the control over food as a vehicle to repress & feed my emotions. I ate just to eat.

Sometimes, I starved to numb the pain; other times, I binged mindlessly & compulsively.

Either way, I used food to run away from my reality.

Today, I healed my relationship with food & I know that eating well means living well.

To me, eating real food is a form of self-respect because I’ve been on the other side, the side where I lost all respect for myself & my body to an illness I believed would forever control my behaviour & relationship with food & my body.

If you’re struggling, I want you to know that what seems impossible today isn’t.

It’s only impossible if you think it is. You are the only one standing in your own way.

⭐️ BELIEVE that recovery is possible.
⭐️ BELIEVE that you can have a healthy relationship with food.
⭐️ BELIEVE that you can accept & embrace your body for all that it is.
⭐️ BELIEVE that you don’t need to use food to run away or hide.
⭐️ BELIEVE that these things are possible & they will be. It sounds simple, but it’s not. But nothing worth having comes easy.

You CAN & you WILL heal, but you have to work hard for it. Healing doesn’t just happen. Time helps, but it isn’t everything… the power is in your hands & you are SO MUCH stronger, wiser & more capable than you think.

Food doesn’t have to control you forever.

You can regain control.

Believing this is the first step to healing.

Whatever your goals are this coming year, whatever it is you’re healing from, YOU GOT THIS! I’m rooting for you.


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