How We Stay Organized In The Kitch

How We Stay Organized In The Kitch

Something I get asked about a lot is how I choose my protein, collagen & superfood powders! I have a full blog post with all my tips, tricks & things to look out for HERE!

In terms of organization, here’s what we do:

  • We store similar use products together so that they’re easily accessible when we’re making smoothies, baking or cooking!
  • We keep the things we use more often on the lower shelves so they’re easier to get to!
  • All oils, vinegars, sauces, marinades are stored together so that when we’re cooking on the fly, we know exactly where everything is & we don’t have to scramble looking for things!
  • Cleaning our pantry is a regular occurrence because it helps remind us of the things we have stocked & what we need to use up before going out & buying more!

This weekend, we did a huge grocery restock at Costco & took the opportunity to clean & reorganize & let me tell you, there’s nothing like reducing clutter in your living space!




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