Kelly In The Kitch Meal Prep Service Details

Kelly In The Kitch Meal Prep Service Details

I know, meal prep isn’t easy & you don’t always have the time! It requires planning & a lot of discipline & commitment if you want to see consistent long-term results & sometimes, reality is, life & priorities get in the way!

That’s where I come in to prep your healthy food for you to relieve stress, help you stay on track & most importantly, allow you to live what it truly means to feel like your best, happiest & healthiest self!

Here’s how it works:

FOR $75:

  1. Drop off the food you want me to prepare & tell me about your likes/dislikes when it comes to seasoning OR if you have no time to go get the food, I’ll do it for you & add the amount to the total cost.
  2. Menu options include: 1 batch roasted veggies, 1 batch of the grain / legume of your choice, 1 batch sweet potato or other starchy veggie of choice, 1-2 batches protein of choice (we can do it 2-ways so you can alternate every day)
  3. Food is packaged & portioned in plastic containers to make your life easy.
  4. Pick-up at my house in the West Island.
  5. Payment can be made in cash, cheque or E-transfer.
  6. To place an order, contact me via phone, DM or send me an email at or through the link in my Instagram bio.


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