My Mentality With Goal-Setting

My Mentality With Goal-Setting

My mentality when it comes to goal-setting is commit to the short-term realistically attainable ones, the ones that don’t overwhelm you so much that you get discouraged & lose your sense of commitment altogether.

An unrealistic goal doesn’t make you more of a go-getter or more ambitious.

It’s not about how prestigious or outstanding your goal is or how quickly you attain it, but more so about how possible you feel it is for YOU & most importantly, the hard work, discipline & effort you put in to attain it & what you learn about yourself & your surroundings along the way!

It’s not a race. It’s a journey. Just like your goals aren’t running away from you, don’t give yourself a reason to run away from them.

If there’s one thing I learned from my health journey up until today, it’s that a baby step in the right direction is better than taking two steps back.

The accumulation of every single one of those small steps brings you closer & closer to being a better, stronger, healthier, wiser & happier version of yourself & gives you the experience to learn from your mistakes, apply what you learn to your own life & keep moving forward in the right direction!

Commit to your goals & your goals only & always remember that they don’t have to look like anyone else’s in order to be valid or worthwhile!


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