Brow Gel Face-Off: Milk Makeup vs. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brow Gel Face-Off: Milk Makeup vs. Anastasia Beverly Hills

I don’t use brow gel often but when I do, I hate when it looks too dark & harsh.

The wrong brow gel can make a perfectly sweet girl look like the image of « resting b*tch face ». Who’s with me?!

I tried the Milk Makeup Kush brow gel because I’m obsessed with the mascara & thought I’d fall in love with this product too! But I didn’t. I used it a few times to give it a fair shot & every time I did, my face bothered me all day & I finally figured out why.

Since it’s super pigmented, even just the littlest bit of product makes the brow look really harsh & too defined. I love that they use CBD oil but for a girl like me who isn’t huge on makeup to begin with, this product was just too much.

I’ll be sticking to the one that’s been my go to since my university days (when doing my brows once every 3 months was a miracle because I just had no time for anything except my law books!!).

The Anastasia brow gel is my fave because a little goes a long way & it’s clear so you don’t have to worry about your brows looking harsh. It keeps them in place without adding any pigment & doesn’t harden or get clumpy! You can also use the Brow Wiz pencil under it if you want a bit of filling & colour, which is also a great product & not as pigmented or harsh as the Kush gel.

I’m not hating on any brands loves, just sharing my honest opinion because it can be hard & overwhelming to choose a product like this one without having ever tried it / without being able to get a sample! Sometimes, you just gotta stick to what you love!

You can find both at Sephora!


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