Committing To Healthy Habits & Why You Should Keep It Simple & Take It Slow

Committing To Healthy Habits & Why You Should Keep It Simple & Take It Slow

If you had to choose one healthy habit to commit to this coming week… just one, that you don’t already routinely practice, WHAT WOULD IT BE?!

Think about it.

Write it down & let this week be the week you start!

Healthy living is NOT about overwhelming yourself with 200 different things to incorporate in the span of a week or a month; it’s about small steps towards a long-term goal of living & feeling your best, happiest & healthiest life!

That long-term goal doesn’t need to have a set date or finish line because no matter how healthy we are, there’s always room to learn, grow, educate, inspire & feel even better!

Don’t pressure yourself with deadlines, target weights, caloric goals or macros!

Instead, every week or 2 weeks, choose one new habit, food or lifestyle choice to add to your routine & work on committing to it both physically & mentally.

It’s not so much about engaging in these habits robotically & aimlessly but MORE about educating yourself about WHY you’re doing them, monitoring YOUR results, learning to love them & ultimately, waking up everyday looking forward to them because they make you feel GREAT!

One of the habits that saves us so much time during the week is chopping, washing & storing all the veggies when we get home from groceries, steaming or roasting the ones we plan to use in smoothies or as side dishes & freezing any overripe fruit or veggies so they don’t go to waste!

It’s a relatively easy habit that takes a bit more time in the moment but that truly keeps us motivated & on track throughout the week with our meals! Consider this as the one thing you’ll try to incorporate this week & see if it works for you!

Remember, the things you do to be healthy should add value to YOUR life, irrespective of whether they do the same for others!



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