KITK’s Take On Breakfast & My Tips

KITK’s Take On Breakfast & My Tips

Here are my breakfast tips!

I do fasted workouts & eat a big breaky post workout within a window of 30 minutes-1 hour after. To read more about fasted workouts, click here: Fasted Workout Update

When it comes to breakfast, my focus is protein & carbs, greens & fruit for fibre, vitamin C, antioxidants, to repair muscle tissue & reduce inflammation

Breakfast is my biggest meal of the day (I believe in eating breaky like a king because:

  • when we sleep, our metabolism slows down; a big breaky rich in whole foods gets it revving again
  • it regulates hunger so I don’t feel famished by lunch & I’m more inclined to eat healthy & balanced the rest of the day
  • fibre keeps me full longer, boosts digestion & curbs sugar cravings/regulates blood sugar so I’m less tempted for sweets
  • more focus & concentration
  • boosts energy & mood

A high fibre breaky is key to kickstart digestion; I always add fruit & veggies (if my breaky is sweet, I throw greens in my smoothie bowl & if it’s savoury, I eat a side of fruit)

I go through phases but here are some faves:

  • smoothie bowls/smoothies
  • protein chia pudding
  • overnight oats/steel cut/warm oats
    • I like to add protein/collagen &/or superfood powders to my oats, especially after a workout
  • homemade bread/sprouted toast (sweet & savoury) with a side of fruit & a fruit-free protein shake made with just liquid, protein & steamed frozen veggies. FAVES: avocado, hummus, jam, nut butters, coconut spread, vegan cashew cream cheese
  • coconut yogurt or homemade almond/cashew cream with granola, fruit & sweetened with vanilla & Ceylon cinnamon
  • muesli, clean cereals or granola with fruit & homemade milk for healthy cereal bowls
  • protein pancakes/collagen french toast are fun too for brunch, if time permits (add oats/banana to pancakes to make them higher in carbs &/or protein/collagen)
  • homemade banana breads or loafs & muffins also make quick options
  • I’m plant based but egg white omelettes or muffin cups are great too!

Breaky is easy & fun to prep & you can even do it the night before!

Need inspiration? head to the blog & use the search bar to find whatever your heart & tastebuds desire!


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