Fasted Workout Update

Fasted Workout Update

I’ve been doing fasted workouts for about a month now & I wanted to give it a fair shot before giving you guys an update about how I’m feeling! Here’s my initial post all about it: The Benefits Of Fasted Workouts & Why I’m Trying It Out!

I was always the girl who thought I needed a huge breakfast before exercise to give me enough energy (especially since I often do a double workout in the AM). I genuinely thought it always worked for me & that I felt my best that way until I tried the fasted route & felt so much better!

This is why you have to go through a lot of trial & error on a health journey & be your own health advocate. People always told me they felt so much better in a fasted state but I only saw the benefits for ME when I tried!


I drink lemon, aloe & chlorophyll water, wait 10 min., drink homemade raw beet juice. About 45 min. later, I have coffee (with B12 drops, cinnamon & slippery elm) & supplements: Vital Proteins beef liver, my B-complex & gelatinized maca.


1) I actually have MORE energy in the AM, my endurance is fire & I perform a lot better, especially when it comes to jumps/plyometrics with my own body weight because I feel lighter, not sluggish & my body isn’t working even harder to digest food so it can focus all its power on performing.

2) My muscles are more defined & I feel leaner & more toned. This is because fasted workouts increase the body’s ability to burn fat & gain muscle, increase muscular capacity to use energy, generate strength & resist fatigue.

3) I don’t get light headed or faint like I thought I would. BUT, always remember we’re all different & you have to do what works for you. You’ll still see results if you don’t fast if your routine is tailored to meet your goals! If you get weak, nauseous or blood sugar/pressure dips or you perform better with food, DO YOU & DON’T FAST! Use common sense & listen to your body; make sure to do what makes you feel & perform your best.

And of course, never underestimate the importance of refuelling post sweat!!



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