3 Years Later…

3 Years Later…

CRAZY how much can change in just 3 years & I’m not just talking physically.

In 3 years, my ENTIRE life has completely changed.

I don’t even recognize myself in 2016… all I see is a facade. I’m smiling but I’m broken.

2017? I’m struggling HARD but I don’t know how to express it; behind that smirk, there’s repression. A sh*t ton of it.

2 days ago? Me, right now. A completely different person, glowing on the outside but more so, ON THE INSIDE. My life is by no means perfect but I’ve come a long way & I think that’s something to be proud of!

Let’s rewind.

  • 2016: Darkest days of my anorexia. Waiting for my Dr.’s note to authorize my medical leave from my job as a lawyer. Diagnosed with bradycardia & osteopenia. Refusing treatment. Starved. Depressed. Frozen. Married, but miserable & alone. A slave to my scale. No purpose in life other than worshipping my illness & watching myself wither away. Smiling to hide my chronic pain & totally mentally unstable.
  • 2017: Weight restored. Living at home. Divorce in progress. Afraid to ever love again. Binging my life away because my body doesn’t trust me & is afraid I’ll starve it all over again. Feeling stuck & trying to find balance, but unsuccessful 9 times out of 10. Constantly bloated & inflamed. Skin is dull & dark; a reflection of the way I feel inside. Smiling, but still hurting & struggling mentally.
  • 2018: Divorced. Independent. But my heart is open to new love. No more binging, bloating or inflammation. Fully plant-based. Skin glowing, but more importantly, I’m glowing internally. Pursuing my passion for nutrition & fitness. FINALLY defining what balance means to me & LIVING it (still not 100% there), smiling, BUT FOR REAL & FINALLY mentally strong & aware.

The goal here isn’t to show you my physical transformation, but rather to show that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE; no matter how low your “low” is, how hard you hit rock bottom, there’s ALWAYS a solution, a way out & a possibility for you to live THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS – you just have to want it REALLY bad, not give up even when the temptation feels stronger than you & CHASE IT.


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