Why Sometimes We Need “Off” Days

Why Sometimes We Need “Off” Days

Real talk: I really needed yoga tonight so I almost didn’t go.

Makes sense, right?

It doesn’t really, but you guys know yoga is something I have a hard time with & you might also know that I have a history of repressing & hiding from just about everything that wasn’t perfect in my life: anger, frustration, sadness, stress, anxiety & just emotion in general.

Why do we have a tendency to run & hide from the things that are hard for us? Because the alternative means facing hardship & facing hardship is HARD. . So tonight, instead of resorting back to old ways, I fought the urge & I got off my butt & went to hot yoga & I’m so grateful I did.

I walked in feeling anxious, sad & just overall stressed out & I left a new person. I felt refreshed, my mind felt clearer, my heart less heavy & I felt very “out of it”, but in the best way possible.

This just goes to show you that sometimes, even those people you think are the MOST disciplined, struggle with the things that seem to come to them super easily. It’s not physically or mentally possible for anyone to be 200% “on point” 24 hours, 7 days a week & that’s totally normal!

Sometimes, you’ll have an off day & you’ll be stronger than it & fight the urge to resort to old habits; other times, you’ll have an off day & it’ll be an off day & you won’t fight anything because you simply aren’t mentally or emotionally there or feeling it & guess what? That’s okay too.

Sometimes, we need an off day to pick ourselves back up & get out of the rut, only to come back stronger tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a new day my loves! <3


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