The Nitty-Gritty On Why I Don’t Stop Eating Past X Time

The Nitty-Gritty On Why I Don’t Stop Eating Past X Time

Do I stop eating past a certain time?

All the information about stopping carbs at X time, starting to fast at X time & no fruit at night is SO overwhelming, right!?

Short answer: Nope!

Long answer: BTW, I’m not saying this is the best/right way – just sharing what works for me & why!

Our bodies don’t have internal stopwatches or timers where after a certain point, they stop digesting food or store it as fat – food is fuel & provides nourishment, whatever the time of day & if & when you nourish your body when it needs it & eat intuitively, your body will love you for it & maintain its “set point” (a.k.a. your healthiest & happiest weight when your body is in a state of homeostasis & when your organs function their best). This is why I believe in honouring my hunger.

  • if I want a fruit after 8PM, I have it!
  • if I want a snack at 9:30PM, I have it!

This isn’t me telling you to raid your pantry at midnight & eat a box of cookies mindlessly; BUT if you’re mindful & have a healthy relationship with your body & food, you learn to control food before it controls you & to be happy about honouring your hunger when you feel it!

I work out A LOT so naturally, I get hungrier & need to eat enough protein/carbs to reap the most benefits from training & help with muscle recovery. I also work out at night & there’s no way this chick can not eat a lil’ something after.

Some nights, I’m hungrier than others (especially if I weight train), so I’ll add a simple protein shake on the side!

When I used to weigh myself obsessively at the same time everyday, I became OBSESSED with stopping & starting to eat at the same time, weighing all my food & eating the same things so that the scale was always consistent.

When I diverted from these rituals, I freaked & my anxiety was through the roof. I was a slave to my scales.

Today, I’m more mentally stable & I know that just because I eat at 9PM, it doesn’t mean I’ll gain a pound of fat overnight – the number you see on the scale the next AM? It’s the reflection of the fact that you still have FOOD in your system that your body will use for energy & your liver will filter! Crazy, right?

Here’s your reminder to do what works for YOUR body!


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