I Got The Papers.

I Got The Papers.

Last week, I got “the papers”.

I opened my mailbox & there it was, mail from the Courthouse & I knew.

A lump formed in my throat. My heart skipped a beat. I felt a rush of emotion, but I can’t really put it into words.

I knew the documents would eventually arrive, but I didn’t know when, so it was almost like my life was on hold. Until that moment.

For a second, I contemplated leaving it there, so as to put off facing it. But then, I changed my mind.

A split second later, I opened it & held the official end to my marriage in my hands.

WTH!? I’m divorced.

It’s crazy how sheets of paper have an impact on our lives simply because of what they symbolize. Just like the glass is either half empty or half full, my divorce symbolizes either the end of my marriage or my new beginning. ONLY I have the power to make that choice.

Contrary to what I would’ve done months ago, I choose a new beginning. A fresh start. A life where I feel loved, fulfilled, supported, healthy & most importantly, happy.

I choose to not let my divorce define me or make me feel inadequate.

I choose to not put a wall up, to not be afraid to love again & to have an open mind.

I choose to use it as a learning experience, to embrace that it happened when it did because it wasn’t our time & to build upwards from here on out instead of bring myself down.

I choose to fight the stigma & to trust that every challenge happens for a reason, an underlying purpose, a message I’m meant to receive & interpret, a greater GOOD.

I choose to stand tall & to not let myself crumble. I chose to love myself & to no longer make myself feel like a “failure for a wife”.

This is personal & I don’t have to share it. But I do because it’s a huge part of my journey & I know so many women go through similar experiences.

Yet, in our darkest days, it’s easy to feel VERY alone.

If that’s where you are right now, you’re not alone. I’m with you & so are many other women.

Your divorce or breakup doesn’t define you or determine your worth. It just means there are bigger, better, brighter & happier things waiting for you in the future.


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