How I Cope With My Gym Hair?

How I Cope With My Gym Hair?

GYM HAIR… it’s a thing & it ain’t always pretty!

I get asked a lot how I take care of my hair given how often I work out & truth is, I don’t do much to it & I really think that’s the trick!

What do I do?!

Before I get into it, always remember, this is what works for me & my hair – we’re all different & everything from texture, length, strength & the amount we sweat varies from person to person!) .

  • I wash my hair once a week (& recently, ever since using Maui Moisture coconut milk shampoo & conditioner, I can go even longer sometimes!).
  • During workouts, I tie my hair with a scrunchie in a high bun/ponytail & right after, I take it down & brush it out so that the sweat doesn’t dry up & create knots
  • I use the IGK Hair walnut oil & apple cider vinegar hair mask every wash (before conditioner) & it really helps prolong the time between washes, hydrates & nourishes my scalp so that it doesn’t overcompensate & produce more oil & get greasy & clarifies & balances the pH!
  • I use a few hair products between washes. If I need my hair to look presentable, I stick to hair oils (Shu Uemera, Verb & Moroccan Oil are my faves) & The Ouai wave spray, texturing spray & Verb sea spray!
  • I got over the idea of my hair always looking perfect – something’s gotta give & if I want to work out this much, my hair ain’t always gonna be “100” so I make it work – braids, buns, ponytails & lightweight waves it is!
  • I apply hardly any heat (the most is 1X/week the day I wash it just to flatten the top, if any!)
  • I don’t over-wash my hair even though I feel I need to when I sweat tons because if I wash my hair every day, I’d actually strip it of moisture & trigger a cycle where it overcompensates & produces too much oil & gets greasy quicker!
  • I rarely use dry shampoo; I find it dries the scalp but if I do, I like Verb & Moroccan Oil
  • I drink TONS of water! Dehydration is the #1 cause of dry scalp!
  • I eat real food, lots of protein & amino acids, take collagen, zinc & vegan DHA & keep my hormones in check!


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