Why I Plan Ahead For My Morning Routine

Why I Plan Ahead For My Morning Routine

How do I manage to find time for my AM routine? I plan ahead!

It’s no secret: living a healthy lifestyle takes commitment, discipline, effort but also TIME & real talk: time is of the essence in the AM, especially if you have places to be & kids/family to take care of!

BUT, you also deserve to do the things that make you feel good in the AM, irrespective of your time constraints!

The way you start your day sets the tone for how the rest of it’ll go, so it’s important to start it positively!

Taking just 10 minutes the night before to prep the essentials I need to get my day started saves so much time in the AM, makes it less stressful, allows me to get to bed feeling organized & at ease & helps me stay consistent with my routine!

I prep my fresh raw beet juice for max. 48 hrs. in advance & store it in an Asobu Bottle to prevent oxidation.

I don’t have a juicer so I blend water & organic raw beets & use a nut milk bag to strain. I wash my blender (Breville Boss Blender) & lay out my coffee add-ins (cinnamon, Nespresso pods, slippery elm, gelatinized maca & B12 drops so they’re ready for my blended coffee & I refill the water dispenser in my NespressoExpert machine.

If my breaky is overnight oats or chia pudding, I prep it the night before & all I gotta do post-workout is add toppings.

I prep my lemon water ingredients & tools (lemon squeezer, sea salt, stainless straw & Biosil drops) (not pictured: lemon, chlorophyll & aloe juice which are refrigerated!)

I’ve been doing fasted workouts for over a month now & I feel amazing! But I do take some supplements pre-sweat: Vital Proteins beef liver, Natural Factors B-complex, gelatinized maca & Pure Encapsulations B12.

This is just one of the many simple ways to make staying on track easier & it takes hardly any effort, yet renders amazing results!


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