KITK Tip of the Day: Change The Way You Speak To Yourself.

KITK Tip of the Day: Change The Way You Speak To Yourself.

Here’s your daily reminder that MENTALITY IS EVERYTHING!

This isn’t a physical transformation, but rather two photos taken three hours apart, my mentality in both: worlds apart.

There’s so much focus on the gram on physical transformation, fitness journeys & before & after photos with the newest foundation on the market.

There’s so much less focus on mental & emotional transformations because, let’s face it… most people don’t want to talk about how they feel.

But how you feel is a direct reflection of what you put out & radiate into the world, your relationships, work & the self-esteem you give off in life’s obstacles & challenges.

How you feel is ALSO & more importantly than the way you look, a measure of how healthy you are!

At 7am, I was doubting myself BADLY.

At 10am, I’m proud of myself!

Crazy, right?!

How to make such a drastic shift in just 3 hours? CHANGE THE WAY YOU SPEAK TO YOURSELF.

The formula seems simple. But it’s not & I get it.

But, the words you feed your mind with are the words it believes & what it believes is the perspective you adopt.

Instead of:

  • I won’t be able to do this, I’m not used to it.
  • TRY: I’m so excited for this challenge & opportunity to step out of my comfort zone; let’s crush it.
  • This interview will be such a fail because the other candidates are better than me.
  • TRY: I want this job so bad that my passion will shine through & this sets me apart from others.
  • I’m never going to be pretty enough for him; his ex was a bombshell.
  • TRY: Looks aren’t everything & I have so many beautiful qualities that I think he’ll love!
  • I’ll never pass this exam, it’s impossible & I’m destined to fail & redo the course.
  • TRY: I can kill this exam, I studied hard & I’m ready to give it my all.
  • This workout is way too hard for me & I’m weak AF.
  • TRY: I’m so excited to try this new workout & i can’t wait to see myself get better!

We are the ONLY ones standing in our OWN WAY; push the negativity aside & start feeding your mind with positivity. The glass is always half full – it’s all about WHAT you fill it with! 


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