Grow Through What You Go Through!

Grow Through What You Go Through!


If you’re healing, instead of hating yourself for what you’re going through, embrace it.

There’s a grander purpose for every life experience that’s thrown at us.

Sometimes, that purpose isn’t clear to us right away.

Sometimes, we suddenly see it & it all makes sense.

Sometimes, we fall somewhere in between.

The thing about a healing journey is that it’s not so much about seeing that purpose right away or just healing & getting it over with.

Healing is about discovering things about yourself you never knew, it’s about learning, growth, personal development, gaining experience, cultivating a sense of belief in oneself, building a strong support system & learning to put things into perspective & be grateful for LIFE.

Next time you find yourself questioning where you’re at in life right now, shift your focus. Be grateful first & foremost that you’re alive & healthy enough to fight the battle you’re faced with & see the fight as an opportunity that presented itself so that you can take something from it, whether what you take is big or small, a life lesson or an experience – what matters isn’t that you just reached the finish line & called it a day but rather WHAT YOU DID to get there.


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