Beauty Product Review: Conscious Coconut Coconut Oil

Beauty Product Review: Conscious Coconut Coconut Oil

If you don’t already know, now you know. I have a serious obsession with this stuff. I love coconut oil in general, on my body & in my baked goods but this one is my fave for a few reasons!

Can we talk about the packaging? Most coconut oils are stored in tubs, so they’re not travel-friendly because they’re heavy & massive, not to mention getting the oil out of the tub can be messy & the oil clumps up & gets behind my fingers!

With this one, it comes out in a tube like other moisturizers & this keeps the texture on fleek & makes it a lot cleaner.

There are tons of ways to use it – as a hydrating body cream (especially now in the winter when we’re all more prone to dryness), as a hair mask or for coco-buns, to whiten teeth, cleanse skin, oil pull & even as a shaving cream!

Let’s talk about shaving cream for a sec; I’m that girl who used to chronically (legit) cut myself when shaving because I always rush! With this, because it’s so moisturizing compared to generic shaving cream, the razor glides smoothly & shaving cuts ain’t in my vocabulary anymore! It leaves my skin silky, smooth, soft & luscious!

It’s organic, virgin, cold-presses, fair trade & contains no GMOs, fillers, parabens, sulfates or artificial preservatives to change or enhance its composition! . I like to call this the REAL FOOD OF COCONUT OIL!

You can get it Boutique Love Attack & support a local business run by a boss babe (who also happens to have tons of other amazing products!)


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