Romantic Relationships: Where Do I Stand?

Romantic Relationships: Where Do I Stand?

Let’s talk ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS & more precisely, where do they stand on my list of priorities?

I truly believe that romantic relationships are SO important & there’s nothing more beautiful than finding your person, someone who sticks by you no matter what & just gets you.

But, over the last 2 years, I learned that a healthy & strong relationship with myself is a very necessary solid foundation for building a relationship with anyone else.

After 2 years of self-work & care, I would love nothing more than to meet someone to share my life with.

But I’m also not running & looking for it because I’m a firm believer in the fact that what’s meant to be will always find its way. I want it to happen organically & spontaneously!

Contrary to what I would’ve done years ago, I’m not rushing into things, but I definitely have an open heart & mind!

It’s so important to work on ourselves, to feel content & confident in our bodies & minds & independent enough to not need to rely on a partner for true happiness before we can truly be with someone else! Unfortunately, as women, we often feel rushed to accomplish milestones by a certain age: find our « one » by 25, get married by 26, get pregnant by 28 & maybe again by 30, be a young mom, etc.

TBH, I held myself accountable to that « normal » timeline. I got married at 25 & hoped to be a mom by the age of 28. But guess what? I’ll be 28 in a few weeks & things didn’t go as planned. That’s the thing about life – it’s a rollercoaster & it takes unexpected twists & turns.

I chose to accept the turns & use them as opportunities to better myself, learn to love myself wholeheartedly & heal mentally & emotionally so that when my « one » comes along, I’m ready, mind, body & spirit to love unconditionally.

If your story didn’t go as planned or as you hoped for & you encountered a plot twister or two or three down the line, please know that you’re not alone & IT’S OK; there’s no set timeline everyone has to follow; we’re all on a journey & the path is different for us all!

Embrace it, learn from it & remember, your relationship with yourself is central to the strength of every other relationship you’ll ever have – work on it & make it strong!


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